July 28, 2014 / Presentation


Brighter Than The Sun Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder & Creative Director of Image Now, Dave Torpey, joined the TEDx speakers on Broadway, New York City on 24th February 2014. Dave took to the stage to talk about Digital Projection.

An award-winning designer David Torpey co-founded Image Now Consultants while still in college. Working as a multidisciplinary designer and director David’s work has lead him into the diverse fields of branding, television and film. His extensive creative and strategic experience working with clients including Sony Music, MTV, TV3, Adobe, Vodafone, and Riverdance has led to numerous awards and accolades over the past twenty years.

With a passion for emerging technologies, David constantly stays close to where technology is headed and uses it cleverly to push the boundaries, create new layers on traditional creative methods. This has given him significant experience in 3D animation, motion graphics and video mapping. He created animated graphics for the award-winning documentary movie ‘The Summit’ winning at Sundance Film Festival 2013. Recent work includes the set projection design for the current production ‘Heartbeat of Home’. Working with the Producers, he used the dynamic content and linked it through set projection and total stage immersion resulting in a strenuous emotional connection with the audience.

David very much looks forward to seeing how future technologies can be stretched to enhance the creative visions of the future.